Lisa Lindgren, Founder of Track the Impact

Lisa is held in high regard by her clients and peers and known for getting the job done, always with the highest standards in professionalism and attention to details. “She herds cats” is a popular refrain for her ability to keep diverse components moving in the same direction on target for a common deadline. Whether they be team members, vendors or clients, Lisa has a knack for knowing how each can best support the goal and getting the job done while maintaining good humor, charm and integrity.

Lisa began her career in sales and marketing with IBM. After successfully managing a $25 million sales team, she moved into product development and was integral in the launch of the IBM PC line of hardware and software products. As a division manager for SAIC, Lisa oversaw teams of software engineers working under contract to IBM and HP, thereby gaining an appreciation for best practices in product development and deployment, as well as how best to translate product features and capabilities into marketing programs and collateral for customers and prospects.

With that solid foundation in the corporate world, Lisa launched her consulting practice, thereby rounding out her experience with a wide variety of projects, and teams from a diverse set of industries, non-profits and company structures.

An active community volunteer, Lisa co-founded Track the Impact, initially a company solely focused on bringing ease and efficiencies to companies looking to improve their support of the non-profit community. And while corporate social responsibility continues to be a major emphasis for Track the Impact, in 2013 Lisa took control of the company and expanded it to include additional client services supporting planning and marketing initiatives.

What I Do

  • Develop strategic community outreach programs
  • Engage employees in corporate volunteering
  • Create community partnerships that make sense
  • Plan events and programs, then manage their success
  • Obtain content for websites, Facebook and success stories
  • Write compelling stories and posts
  • Translate technical specs into selling benefits
  • Run a tight team to keep everyone on target
  • Manage ongoing relationships with partners, vendors and followers

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